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Everybody understands the plain fact, that to succeed as a freelancer and work from home online one must possess certain skills. However, the question is if you do not own them, what can you do? Can you absorb them anyway?

The first and most important step is to decide whether you want to be a freelancer. Do you really want to work from home online?

Many people do not ask themselves beforehand and then regret that they’re gone freelance.

After all, you have to judge what to do yourself. In this case, any general education and specialization is a good thing, especially in the beginning. For example, if you are a marketing specialist it will be nice to specialize in certain section of marketing – could be email marketing, social network marketing, content writing or branding products.

No matter how good as a marketing specialist, you are, nobody is going to entrust the whole campaign of a comprehensive strategy for the simple reason that no one knows you and you have nothing to confirm that you’re good professional. So, start small and gradually build the way up improving constantly how to work from home online.

Once you’ve decided what to do, the very first step is to prepare your future image and portfolio.

Learn how to work from home online effectively

Making a portfolio is relatively simple – it consists of past projects and campaigns you have been working for. If for some reasons you cannot show them (for example, you have signed confidentiality agreements) there is always the option to develop completely new special projects for the portfolio in particular. If you are a graphic designer, for example, and you want to create logo designs you ought to tailor sample logos for a bunch of imaginary companies. If you are content writer and you want to write articles for clients, business topics, you have to write articles and publish them in different places. Why not in your own blog, for instance?

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To work from home online trying to improve your image building is difficult because it’s connected mainly with time. It takes more perseverance also. If you look for a job in specialized sites all you need is to fill your profile 100% and start to apply for projects. But if you want to work directly with customers, you can try on Linkedin and learn how to use this network.

If you previously worked as a copywriter or freelancer in the office you supposedly have enough projects to put in your portfolio. As already mentioned, you can use sample projects. Choose a company and start to develop its complete corporate identity. If you’re a designer – flyers, posters, catalogs, letterhead, if you are a copywriter – invent slogan, write scenario clip, one or two topics for a site. It is very important to write that those projects are not completed orders, but material fitted to show how good you are, suggesting to future clients your own potential.

You will need a list of sites where you’ll be looking orders, and a list of clients that you will want to work with.

Never forget that the process of finding a job depends on both – the man and his field of work. We think the best form of marketing remains the same – satisfied customers who use to return and they frequently recommend you to their friends and colleagues. But this cannot be done immediately. You have to build a name and image that will work for you.