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What a nice thing is freedom. You don’t need to go to the office, and have all the time in the world… Who does not dream about that? Nevertheless, do you really know how to work from home online?

Now, I’m working from my home office already a month. Honestly, I still miss the good atmosphere in the old office, but the good news is that I have no boss. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Therefore, I have to organize my daytime alone and for a first time in my life, I have to learn how to work from home.

I remember that I was quite organized person in the office. Now, when I’m thinking about the past, I suddenly realized that I really liked being there. However, the feeling of a first job for a person who changes the office life for freelance is like… hitting the high road. You usually use to sleep until noon, walk in broad daylight, chuckling contentedly… and in the evening rush to catch up with the tasks you had to do during the day. It is quite undisciplined, to say, “Tomorrow is another day” and repeat the above scenario next morning. Don’t do that, ever!

You need your own space where to work. Usually it helps productivity because you are not distracted by anything else. Although you work at home, do not stay in your pajamas or home clothes. Dress for work – I don’t mean a suit – but put something comfortable. Helps motivation and concentration. It sounds odd at first, but it works.

Tutorial How To Work From Home in India

I adore all day to be alone and work in peace. It helps to concentrate better. If you need the presence of other people, try to rent a small office to share with others or work in co-working spaces.

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Every morning grade the tasks by their importance. That’s a very important issue when you are trying to understand how to work from home efficiently. Not at the evening when you are tired, frustrated and stare at a mountain of things that need to be done tomorrow. In such moment, everything seems urgent. First get good sleep and be ready to prioritize early next day. „Take the bull by the horns” determines the most difficult task for the day. You must finish it first.

Thereafter, as I am not on a fixed salary, I follow the rule of the highest value. Review your list of offers for the day, define what will bring you the most income and do it. When you are done, review the list again.

Most of the clients will want nothing but your full attention. Keep a calendar of commitments and the terms of each contract and always consult with a client to make sure that you did everything.

Say “no” when necessary. The client can pouted at the moment, but he will be really disappointed when the deadline comes and you serve him the surprise that you aren’t ready yet. Be sure that in such cases the client will behave more frivolous and won’t come back. How to work from home than with no clients?

Another thing that sounds obvious, but many colleagues still do not respect it.

Advertise yourself – no one can do it for you. Be active in social media, do not miss industry event, and use every opportunity to make new contacts. In addition, of course it will be very appropriate for you to make your own website or blog also.