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In 2009, I began to realize that the Internet could serve not only as a source of knowledge, red eyes, and insomnia, but also for additional income. After that day, I started to read a variety of e-books and different websites mainly to search information about how to earn money from online jobs without investment.

At the beginning, I’ve tried some wrong ways to earn money and failed. Finally, I understand that there are only few working options (most of them allow you to earn a penny, but in general, the main aim is to be tricked). So, I was able to earn some money and put it in my card account only after 1 year of searching and testing different ways!

For the whole year of trial and making errors, I was able to learn and understand a lot. The very first rule, which is worth to learn is:

To earn more or less decent money on the Internet (10-20 000$) not everyone can. Only the one who is serious enough about his studies, assignments and is not afraid of experiments and making mistakes will succeed. Earnings connected with online jobs without investment, are not a freebie, it is the same business as we are accustomed to see everywhere around us.

Everyone knows that before one becomes a skilled professional, he went through many levels: first graduated from school, then from university, then worked to gain experience on a half salary, then became a real worker and grows up the career ladder gradually increasing his social status – and income, of course… Internet business works exactly the same way: to earn money have to overcome the respective levels.

Right now, let’s focus just how at this very moment we can win money from online jobs without investment.

Online jobs Without Investment in India


online jobs without investment

Really, there are many ways of making money on the Net, but those that would give a significant result are few. Having divided the well-known ways of working and non-working, I can only give you an advice how to invest only your efforts trying to earn money and how to increase the further income.

Copywriting, rewriting and translation of articles is the most effective options you have in this field. Simply copywriting is a creation of texts, intended for sites on various topics. Rewriting, on the other hand, is a free interpretation of already created text (by someone else) with your own words.

Translation of articles is for one who knows fluently a foreign language. Thousands of sites in Internet are created daily and that issue requires tons of texts based on certain information. So, there is a lot of work for a skilled copywriter or translator. All that environment generates nonstop online jobs without investment.

When you get a job be sure that you can handle it all right and can keep the deadline wished by your customer. Try to avoid any online jobs without investment advertised by big promises about the possibilities of earning thousands of dollars for only a few hours. At the beginning (firs 2-3 months) try to earn with your own knowledge and without any investment.