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You may like it or not but the fact is that, a major population of India is underemployed or either they are working as contract or casual laborers. As per a recent study, only 9% Indians are employed as full time jobs in India workers. The economy of India relies heavily on oil production. There is not much scope for job opportunities in the government sector – sarkari naukri, as those who are already employed in it don’t have enough work to do. That is the reason why government is laying off most of them.

Of course now it is known as world fastest growing economies as it has witnessed an average annual growth rate of 7% in some last few years, but the growth data is running mostly on the back of some good numbers in the oil sector, which is growing handsomely at an annual rate of 8%.

So in spite of the numbers being good, poverty reduction measures and online job opportunities are not advancing with the same rate as population is growing. It will be hard to believe but 44% of the employed workers are engaged in casual or temporary kind of jobs. More than two- thirds of the Indians are surviving on a sum of less than $1.25 in a day.  Now you can understand the social distress of the Indians even better than me.

But the story doesn’t ends over here. You know that with the advent of technology a lot has changed in the life of humans. Now you have net access everywhere in the world. Even India is not left untouched with the growth in technology. Internet has spread its web in India too and with the help of it lots of new, new types of online jobs in India are coming every day, every minute and every second.

There are different kinds of no investment online jobs in India where you can find employmentSome of them are part time jobs, some are full time and some of them are work from home jobs. We will go into the details of each of them one by one.

  1. Part time jobs in India

There are lots of companies in India who are hiring part time online workers as well as offline. The desired applicant may be anyone out of these – teenagers, students, moms, housewives, a retired person or any other who is willing to work for 20-25 hours a week on part time basis for earning some extra money and online income. Some of the most popular and widely acceptable part time jobs are article and blog writing, ads posting, affiliate marketing, home cleaning, home appliances, car mechanic, driving and many more.

Now the next question is how you will come across those part time jobs in India? An excellent way is to browse on Job Search Engines where you may come across vacancies for part time jobs.

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You can also search on social media like Facebook. You can utilize the advanced search options for narrowing the results so that your search results shows only part time jobs listings.

  1. Data Entry Jobs in India

You can make money by doing online data entry jobs in India. Some of the online data entry jobs may be of simple type like filling form and some of them may require a little expertise and experience in data handling jobs. If you don’t have prior experience then you can start with the former ones. But you have to be extra cautious as some of the online data entry jobs in India may also require you to put some money in deposit in the initial giving some stupid reasons to you. Don’t start with them. A person who asks for money instead of giving jobs to you is usually a fraudster or a cheater. You can try for some genuine jobs without investment on some branded portals.

  1. Work from home jobs in India

If you want to enjoy a better life apart from earning some decent money then work from home jobs in India can be the best option for you. The advantage is that you can take care of your house core activities apart from doing your job. Plus you are the boss of your own. You decide how much hours in a day you want to work. Some of the best work from home jobs can be freelance writing, translation, graphic designing, web designing, software development, online marketing, virtual assistant, and telesales and data entry jobs. One of the great examples is Fiverr.

Now the bottom-line is that, there are lots of jobs opportunities in India despite its economy being is such a shaky situation. So if you will try whole heartedly, with required homework and determination, then definitely you will be the winner one day!