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After all Nietzsche was right: “Anyone who cannot afford to devote two-thirds of the time to his own needs should be recognized as a slave.”

Harsh words, but considerably true, nevertheless the German didn’t know anything about the contemporary online jobs!

Different types of online jobs in 2015

Nowadays, when the number of missed opportunities in your profession is growing, it is more than necessary to choose finally are you going to be a freelancer or voracious social climber. To live for yourself and get the job done your way, or to work for your nasty uncle and build a dreamed overwhelming career. A lot of people could assure you that freelance and career don’t match at all. These are the bad news when we are speaking about online jobs from home now.

On the other hand, many people want to dispose of their time. Theoretically freelancing should give solid benefits shaped in the form of flexible, free choice of projects, home comfort and the ability to do online jobs for anyone and from anywhere in the world. However, the quite different scenario happens sometimes: freelancer takes a conscious decision to return to the normal office routine. Why is this happening, and what are the difficulties faced by those who are unaccustomed to online jobs for students routine? What are the circumstances, which encourage people to volunteer to give up their freedom?

The reasons for that kind of return may vary. Nevertheless, almost all former freelancers complain about the lack of self-discipline and a lack of communication. „As it turned out, to work from home ain’t an easy task – says Anne Smith, a copywriter. At first, I thought that in online jobs without investment, there are solid pros, but now I doubt it. After a year of working at home, I realized that I was starting to suffer a social phobia. Now I’m so used to be at home alone all day long, that it was like a hell for me, if there was a need to go somewhere where there will be a lot of people. My former sociability had disappeared; I was afraid to talk to a stranger on the street and just forgot what was like to be in the team. Realizing that cannot go his way anymore, I decided to return to the office. For me communication with human beings did not replace the freedom.”

Online Jobs India

If freedom is transformed into a simple voluntary choice to lock ourselves within the four walls, it is worth considering whether the part time online jobs are best for you. In addition to the lack of simple communication, work out of the office often deprives freelance opportunities to keep abreast of the latest developments of the company for which he works, and thus deprives the professional growth and useful contacts. “Due to outwork me, unfortunately, missed the opportunity to improve, which was hard work – says the designer Anne Smith. My boss did not consider it necessary to inform me that the company is expanding and requires a new CEO. This place was offered to a colleague who works in the company lesser than me, and does not shine with creative ideas. When I asked why I was not given an opportunity to express myself taking this place, the boss simply answered that he has just forgotten about me “because I have not been seen around lately.”