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While we talk about the latest trends, honestly answering the question how to earn money online, let’s discuss and the old ways – just as a benchmark. What was the old standard of how to earn money online actually?

Not forgotten the so-called “squeeze pages”, right?

We guess you understand what we mean – it comes to creating pages, which are used in any visual methods just to “attract attention”. Remember: big buttons, flash animations, music, etc. For Christ sake, they do not even look good!

Of course they did a great deal not so long ago, as a working example how to earn money online. Moreover, the main methods of how to earn money online rely on them. Even now some of those sites are still doing quite well. But now more and more of them lose the trust of the users simply because more and more they look as if they are out to hunt for quick profits, rather than gaining long-term customers and willing to solve real problems.

In other words, this type of pages has done their work time by selling extremely effective and successful.

You are not the only one asking yourself how to earn money online

Look at some big company that is a leader in its own field – as Apple, for instance – and you’ll see that they do use neither such sites, nor such an approach of how to earn money online.

Other virtual places where definitely such tools were useful – and perhaps still exist to a certain extent (even with mediocre results) – are blogs, which still attract some traffic also.

Sure, this method is going slowly to its sunset. But how to earn money online anyway?

Let us ask you a question: what was your last digital product that you have purchased (we do not mean technique or software), was it online course or similar training product? Or was it some kind of “super information product” that “will solve your particular problems faster than the others”?

If it was the second, then you’ve dealt definitely with the old standard of internet marketing, but this for sure is not the approach you wish to choose, thinking about how to earn money online. After all, a contemporary working practice of selling products is your goal.

However, what would happen if we give the customer an answer to a specific problem in the form of the same type of product (speaking of how to earn money online) that can be sold in huge volume copies again and again, with little or no cost at all?

how to earn money online

The problem now is in old fashioned direct mail which targets sales, slick web sleazy pages, suggestions for “quick fixes”, empty promises and electronic books – devoid of real content. These old methods which do not longer work and cannot teach us how to earn money online at all.

In conclusion, we must try not only new, but also different ways of how to earn money online.

By concentrating yourself on adding real value to your projects, you do not just add some worth to people’s lives – you’re adding value to your business also.

Of course, this sounds somewhat indirect, and sometimes even takes a significant dose of time to get a grip on your readers or future customers, offering them available solutions of how to earn money online.

Nevertheless, in long terms, the benefits of such relationships and sales will be far more effective; thanks to the increased confidence in you and that, on the other hand, will far exceed the benefits of quick sales in future.

Do not underestimate Blogging because it can be also be a powerful tool for the construction of such a trust.

Instead of using it only as a catalyst for traffic and poor attention, start handling your blog as a further way of laying the foundations of your online business, which undoubtedly can be called by their real names – authority and trust.

If you have already, done the hard part and you have created a useful, neat, beautiful and easy to read site, you need to close the deal by offering incredible “epic” content in your blog, which people could identify as high-value information.