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Are you an Indian looking for business opportunities to invest your hard earned money? Are you searching for some great online business ideas on the internet? Do you want to become free from 9-5 job? Do you want to do something different, something which fascinates you, something which makes you go shaky and crazy just with its small reference? If you are really passionate about doing business in India then certainly there are lot of opportunities and ideas on the internet which will help you in setting your own business.

Lot of you may be interested in knowing the current market and future of internet business opportunities in India. As far as current market of internet business in India is concerned then well it’s robust and good but its future is really great. If you will think in a perspective of 5 years from here then numbers will come out to be shocking for you. You can’t even expect such a type of phenomenal growth in any other field. Now you may be brooding over on the various types of online business establishments, which you can pursue.

But there is no specific one hit formula, that I can give to you which will make you rich overnight. Still I will say that, you can make a lot, if you believe in the power of internet. There are lot of online business ideas and different ways of making money online, but you will have to choose one, that suits your taste and matches your skills.

Why Indians are holding their money with them and not investing in business?

There are lots of Indians who are in abroad and earning a lot. They are sitting on a huge pile of money. They are even interested in putting their money in some genuine kind of business, but the greatest reason why they are not putting their money, is lack of confidence in the Indian economy. They have fear of losing their hard earned money. They are scared about the uncertainty looming over India. That’s the reason why they are not coming to India and prefer to stay abroad rather than coming and investing in their homeland.

Is it The Right Time to Invest in India?

Lots of people ask me on email, is it the right time to invest in India? And I say yes. Why, we will discuss it here. Let us go into the reasons one by one;

  • Reason No 1 – Has come out to be a major business hub – India has become a major center of business activities in Asia. It is slowly emerging as the hub of bigger investment plan by some multinational companies like GlaxoSmithKline and General Electric. Apart from these two, there are also lot of other countries who are interested in making a long term strategic business planning and investing their money in India. Well the list is endless, but what I mean to say here is that, the sentiment of the international business community has become positive from neutral on India.
  • Reason No 2 – Consumer market of 1500 million people – the population of India is 1500 million, and soon it is going to overtake many other countries. As per the rules of economics, it’s the consumer who drives the market. Take it in a simple way, if larger population is there then the consumption of the essential goods and commodities will be more, if consumption will be more then demand will be more, if demand will be more, then the company manufacturing those goods will produce more, if the production is more, then the economy comes in form. This is how the economic cycle gets completed.
  • Reason No 3 – A pro-active Government – you may agree or you may not agree but the fact is that Indian Government is doing a lot to improve the economic situation of the country. It has taken several measures, implemented several policies to create business and investor friendly environment in India.
  • Reason No 4 – A fast developing economy – the Indian economy is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. There is a great demand for new products and services in India. You yourself can analyze the situation of India 5-10 years back and compare it with today. You can easily make out what has changed in these years and what is going to be changed in the future.

The bottom line is that I agree that there are problems in India, but as per me the other name of problem is opportunity also. Human civilization is a great testimony of the fact that evolution happened only when their existence was in danger.

So finally if you are serious about starting your business in India then this is the right time but enter with well formulated strategy. Put your every effort in it. Don’t hesitate in taking the help of some professional people if you really need it.

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