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Though those times have not come yet, when humans will land on moon and feel like being on top of the world. Still a lot has changed. A person sitting in one corner of the world is doing business with a person sitting in the other part of the world. People are speaking to each other internationally without paying any call charges through messenger service. People are doing all kinds of shopping sitting at home without moving their feet. People are booking their flight and train tickets online. Forget about all, people are managing their bank accounts through internet banking. Now everything is possible just with the click of a mouse. Such is the magic of internet that even an illiterate and novices know the benefits of using it.

Now lots of people are also using it for making money. Can you believe it? Couple of years back earning money through internet was like a distant dream to most of us. But now see that distant dream has been converted into a reality. People are making money online with paid survery on internet every hour, every minute and every second. So, make money online without investment in India is rapidly growing opportunity. And extremely profitable!

Looking for a great tips and ways to make money online from home?

Below is some useful information on how to make money online in India with the help of internet. These are the 8 ways to make money:

  1. Fill out online Surveys – there are lots of online companies who business is to conduct online surveys of various products of clients. Great example is ClixSense, which has almost unlimited survey that are really well paid. You can register your name on any of those websites and select surveys which suit you. This is quite an easy job; anyone can do it with some little information about day to day products which you use in your daily life like TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Car and many other such things.
  2. Go for blogging – A well set blog with well written content can fetch you money beyond your imagination. Of course it will take some of your important time and money in maintaining it, but it is worth investing. If you are a serious kind of blogger and want complete control over the things then purchase your own domain names, otherwise you can manage the things with some free hosting sites like WordPress.
  3. Try your hands in commodities and currency markets – if you have intuition and the ability to predict what will happen in a couple of days then trading in commodity and currency markets is a superb way of making money. You will have to either sell or buy the financial contract of the commodities, like gold, silver.  If you will do it perfectly and your prediction goes accurate, then there’s nothing great like this.
  4. Become a freelance writer – There are lots of website owners in this world, may be thousands and thousands and thousands, but it is not necessary that they know how to write great content mingled with persuasive skills. I personally know lots of website owners who can’t write even a single line, forget about writing the entire content of their website. So the point is that they badly need people with good writing skills and if you are the one made for writing then go ahead. You will enjoy it.
  5. Introduce offline products to web – it is not necessary that all the products owners have a website of their own. In such situations you can become a sales agent of those products and introduce them to web through your website or blog and you can make some fat money on every sale. This way you can also make your website a perfect place for promoting other’s product or services.
  6. Take some admin job like virtual office assistant – if you have sufficient skills in the field of accounting, admin, bookkeeping, translating, proofreading, email-response and have personal computer with fast internet connection, then you can take this job easily, work from your home with comfort and make money. There are lot people in India who are doing this job for overseas clients.
  7. Set up a scrap metal business – there are numerous old metals items lying in the basement and store rooms of every house which are very valuable, but people don’t know what to do it. And finally they throw it in waste and garbage. You can set up your scrap metal business with those items. You arrange a loader and start collecting those scraps and send them in some metal recycling factories. By doing this business, you will do favor to three person, first being you, second being those who are getting some money for their scraps and third to those metal recycling firms who are getting valuable metals without any effort!
  8. Earn money through Facebook – now on how to make money on Facebook – it is very simple; you can like Facebook pages and earn extra money. Some companies also require their Facebook pages to be created by others. You can do this job.

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